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Curating a Group Exhibition

I'm in the middle of planning a group exhibition with some thought provoking artists. The upcoming show will look at contemporary life with a British twist from a Black Artist perspective - Here and Now.

Meet up with some of the Here and Now artists (me on the left smiling with excitement).

What can we say about the times that we live in?

I want to provide a platform for early to mid career artists and was inspired by the BBC programme - Whoever Heard of a Black Artist - Britain's Hidden Art History. Acclaimed artist Sonia Boyce gave us an insight into the 1980's Black Art movements with work from artists of African and Asian descent who have helped to shape the history of British art. We can add to the narrative of British history through our creations today.

During the last few months, I have experimented with materials in prep work for this exhibition. It's been a welcome challenge to produce a piece of work that incorporates popular national sentiment, objects, and aspects from the lives of the unseen or misunderstood.

Preview coming soon.

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